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Office & corporate spaces

When you choose Shiny Stars as your cleaning partner, you can be sure that your employees are working with a pleasant and safe feeling. In addition to being motivating for your staff, it also contributes to job satisfaction and labor productivity. Your customers will also notice the professional working atmosphere. The maintenance at Shiny Stars pays for itself indirectly. Collaborating with Shiny Stars is more than a wise choice, it is an investment.

Hospitality & Shops

Cleaning maintenance in catering establishments and shops requires special attention. In general, these are places where there are many different people walking in and out. Shiny Stars is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to carry out the work at an appropriate time. Everything in our working method is aimed at giving your customers the appearance that suits the experience you want to impart.

Schools & educational institutions

Shiny Stars can also provide a thorough cleaning of schools and educational institutions. We have several years of experience in cleaning daycare centers, primary and secondary education, but also high schools and universities. With good maintenance, a familiar environment for students, teachers and visitors is achieved.

Association from Owners

Shiny Stars has special total packages for Owners Association (VvE in dutch). With our different expertise of materials, we know best how to clean apartment complex, flat, porch and stairwell. The activities and the frequency are completed according to the needs of the VvE. We generally recommend weekly cleaning.

Completion cleaning

At the completion of a new business location or home, people want it to look representative. This ensures a good first impression and will always be viewed positively. Shiny Stars knows the needs of both sides and knows what to look for during a delivery cleaning. We are happy to be part of your success.

Private cleaning

Private cleaning requires a different kind of attention than in a business environment. Most don't just let everyone in at home. We respect the needs of you and your family and provide an appropriate routine. The (professional) resources, materials, quality and retrospective control that people are used to from us will remain unchanged.



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About us

Shiny Stars is a young and dynamic cleaning company that focuses on environmentally friendly cleaning in a sustainable way. We are also specialized in Corona-proof cleaning. By advising and practicing Shiny Stars helps both companies and individuals to create a clean and safe working and living environment. We use a payment term of 30 days and we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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